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Lot 000

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APPROXIMATELY 1,000 Lot Numbers. These are overview pictures of items selling FEATURING: ROPE Over 14,000 ft. of Repelling, Safety , and Yard / GNERAL SUPPORT: Cable pullers; Clevises; Safety cones; Shovels; Spades, Rakes; Other / SHOP: Millermatic welder; Various tools; (50) Ladders: Louisville, Werner, Keller, Various styles; (5) Capstan Elec. Hoists; Magna chain hoists, 3 & 6 T.; Tool storage lateral files / (2) 25 foot SHOP TRAILERS: Equipped with electrical hookups, tool boxes, work benches and racking / LARGE QTY. INVENTORY Approximately 500 lot Numbers � Estimated. $100,000 Value: (5) Semi-Trailers full of inventory, still to be unloaded.