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Lot 099

Jerald Sulky Production Package

SELLS WITH OWNER CONFIRMATION. Right to manufacture the Jerald Sulky Co. carts. The Jerald Sulky Company production package. Included the key elements needed to continue the Jerald Sulky tradition. Included are: Name, image, and likeness: the Jerald Sulky Company name, logos, trademarks, and digital properties such as domain name, Facebook page, Instagram page, and a 5-year-non-compete agreement with the current owner. Digital Assets: All digital assets that support manufacturing such as CAD drawings, instructions, catalog formats, bill of materials sheets, and templates. Vender relationships: A listing of current vendor relationships including vendors that may hold patterns or tooling created to build Jerald Sulky parts. (Excludes Victory Lap & Tire Molds). Customer & dealer relationships: All replationships with customers and dealers will be set over onto the buyer in order to obtain the current sales channels. Key manufacturing assets: Patterns, tooling, jigs, and dies used to manufacuture Jerald Sulky parts including; welding jigs, bend and press dies, patterns, paint fixtures and rotisseries, and tooling used to make component parts. (Excludes sewing patterns - to be in a separate lot.) These pattern be documented to the best of our ability and preserved in collection to be picked up by the buyer.